Author: Zoraya52

01 Mar

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Carla Hall is the southern chef who stole our hearts on Top Chef with her infectious joy and “Hooty Hoo” hollers created this killer fried chicken recipe. These days you can find Carla on the set of The Chew, ABC’s daily talk/cooking show. Carla joins Mario...

23 Feb

Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo by Tanya Holland

Chef Tanya Holland demonstrating how to make shrimp and chicken gumbo, the dish you voted to see her make.  "My mother and her three sisters all grew up in the same household in Louisiana, but they all cook different versions of gumbo. I make a version...

23 Feb

Oven-Baked Herbed Chicken

Southern-cooking authority and author B. Smith invites us to watch and learn as she prepares healthy takes on classic Southern dishes from her book B. Smith Cooks Southern-Style (Scribner, 2009). She also takes us on a visit to her New York restaurant on the eve of its...

23 Feb

Couscous with Butternut Squash, Pecans and Currants

Bryant Terry is a celebrated vegan chef, activist, and author of the cookbook “Afro-Vegan.” He’s also a Buddhist, and maintains that practice and kitchen-work go hand-in-hand: “Before I engage in food preparation, I check to make sure I’m grounded, and if I’m not, I think...

22 Feb

Grilled Sepia with Clams & Chorizo

In honor of Black History Month - see some amazing recipes by some of the hottest Chefs making stides in the food industry. Govind Armstrong has emerged as one of the nation’s brightest culinary stars—a chef who continually cultivates his deeply rooted, passionate commitment to sustainability...

26 Jan

Deep Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings

These old classic deep fried wings will delight your Super Bowl party guests.  Recipe by:Ginger "Let your palate fly away on wings of fire - easy, spicy buffalo wings!" CLICK HERE for recipe....

26 Jan

Brown Sugar Smokies

Recipe by:TINACLINKENBEARD "Bacon-wrapped yummies! You can make these little smokies on skewers or toothpick them to secure."   CLICK HERE for recipe....

26 Jan

Artichoke & Spinach Dip Restaurant Style

This recipe is sure to add to your Eagle GREEN style super bowl display - Recipe by: TERRAD  "Tastes very similar to ones served in chain restaurants in our area. This one uses refrigerated Alfredo sauce as its base to give it a wonderful creamy texture."  CLICK HERE...

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