Job Announcement: Deli/Seafood Department Manager

29 Dec Job Announcement: Deli/Seafood Department Manager

As the Deli/Seafood Department Manager you will provide overall leadership to the Deli/Seafood department staff working closely with the Store Manager and Assistant Store Managers to create a successful sales environment and provide excellent customer service guaranteeing the growth of the store and Deli/Seafood Department. The Deli/Seafood Department Manager is responsible for all aspects of department operations, including but not limited to, profitability, expense control, ordering, merchandising, staff management and regulatory compliance.

Candidates must have excellent communication skills with the ability to multitask and be self-motivated.  Successful department managers must be highly professional and exhibit the necessary managerial skills to oversee department products, employees, vendors, and customers.

Required experience: Minimum of 3 years in a deli/seafood department environment.

Qualifications: Prior managerial experience preferred in retail, grocery, deli or seafood departments.  The ideal candidate must have a proven track record of leadership skills along with effective communication techniques and possess basic math skills for ordering and inventory. Working knowledge of Deli or Seafood is preferred.


Education and Experience:

·         High school diploma or equivalency degree.

·         Must have a minimum of 5 years professional experience.

·         Preferred 3-5 years grocery retail experience in a deli or seafood department.

·         Previous experience in a grocery food industry is a plus.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

·         Must maintain a high level of customer service at all times.

·         Ability to adapt to a high volume retail environment while working with store teams.

·         Flexibility to work various hours/days.

·         Must be familiar with Health Department guidelines and regulations that pertain to a grocery retail environment.

·         Must understand proper handling, preparation, seasonality, and corresponding shelf life of products.


Core Duties

·         Demonstrate and direct the Deli/Seafood team to provide outstanding customer service.

·         Train, develop, counsel, mentor and motivate all department employees in a manner that builds and sustains a high performing team.

·         Establish and maintain a positive work environment.

·         Work with team members to ensure the highest quality products and services are always available.

·         Set and achieve sales and gross profit goals.

·         Maximize productivity and efficiency through proper scheduling.

·         Maintain the cleanliness of the department.

·         Follow all company guidelines and procedures, including but not limited to, safety and sanitation.

·         Manage inventory and pricing to achieve required margin.

·         Demonstrate advanced product knowledge; maintain awareness of new products and educate employees on products.

·         Maintain proper product assortment, merchandising and inventory control.

·         Demonstrate competency in resolving customer complaints and the ability to develop same quality in employees.

To apply visit Superfood Marketplace Customer service counter at 704 W Emmaus Ave., Allentown, PA.

For more information submit an inquiry at our Careers Page or call 610-791-3900.

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