Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo by Tanya Holland

23 Feb Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo by Tanya Holland

Chef Tanya Holland demonstrating how to make shrimp and chicken gumbo, the dish you voted to see her make. 

“My mother and her three sisters all grew up in the same household in Louisiana, but they all cook different versions of gumbo. I make a version slightly different from the one my mom makes, a tomato and okra combination with lots of shrimp and chicken. I leave out the tomatoes and add a dark roux like my aunt Maxine. She prefers a dark roux to cradle the oysters that she loves so much. Aunt Essie still lives in Shreveport and takes advantage of she-crab when it’s in season. And then there’s my aunt Martha Ray, who frankly doesn’t cook much but loves to eat gumbo no matter who makes it.”  Click here for full recipe.



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