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19 Feb

Salmon Cakes

A classic and easy recipe for salmon cakes that comes together in minutes. Serve these salmon cakes with lemon and a green salad for a light and refreshing dinner.  Get this on Recipes for Lent...

19 Feb

Louisiana BBQ Shrimp

Louisiana BBQ Shrimp _ If you have never eaten a Louisiana BBQ shrimp I implore you to make them. Created at Pascal's Manale restaurant in New Orleans in 1954, the recipe has become a Southern Staple.  Get this on Recipes for Lent  ...

19 Feb

Recipes for Lent – Pinterest Board

Many Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent and get creative with fish dishes instead. Whether you celebrate the Lenten season or not, keep things interesting with a delicious seafood dishes.  Check out Superfood Marketplace Recipes for Lent Pinterest board  ...

18 Feb

Kraft Meatless Recipes

"When you’re following the guidelines of Lent, grilled cheese sandwich recipes sure do come in handy! Here are some tasty meat-free dishes for the season—including egg bakes and Friday dinner fish recipes. You also may want to swing over to our collections for pizza, pasta...

12 Feb

Superfood Marketplace In The News

Sometimes when one door closes, another opens. Superfood Marketplace, with stores in Elizabeth and Allentown, Pennsylvania, has opened in Middlesex Borough. Superfood Marketplace has completely renovated a nearly 25,000-square-foot space with new display aisles, flooring, refrigeration and more. The store features a state-of-the-art butcher’s station and deli department. The store plans a...

19 Dec

Spicy Asian Wings

Made with RITZ crackers, these spicy Asian chicken wings are delicious bites of sweet and spicy crowd-pleasing chicken, perfect for your Game Day party....

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