Superfood Memo on Covid-19 Virus

Superfood Memo on Covid-19 Virus

As the Covid-19 (also known as Coronavirus) situation evolves around the world, we at Superfood Marketplace and Eagle Supermarkets want to assure our customers that we have strict cleanliness guidelines that all our employees are required to follow.

All employees must follow these guidelines such as wearing gloves, washing hands, consistent use of hand sanitizers and adhering to a strigent schedule for washing and cleaning hands. We have also asked any employee who does not feel well or has cold/flu like symptoms, to take a sick day(s) and take the time to recover before coming back to work.

In addition, we are in contact with our suppliers to constantly reassess their release of merchandise and requesting and reviewing their protocols for maintaining a healthy environment as they supply our stores with produce, meats, and other grocery items.

This level of coordination takes a team of committed managers and we will do our best to keep our stores free from any issues and supplied with a fresh and safe goods.

Please feel free to contact one of our store managers for any additional questions you may have.

For up to the minute updates, visit the CDC’s website: