Yummy Snacks Ideas for School Children

Yummy Snacks Ideas for School Children

Moms all over the country and singing hallelujah!  BACK TO SCHOOL!

It can be bitter sweet.  I know for me, I LOVE having my kids home, but I also LOVE sending them back to school.  Routine, focus, and well they need it. And so do we!

But fueling your kids for the school year can be stressful.  We put together some fun lunchbox snacks that will keep them satisfied,

Since some schools have a no nut policy, these may not all pertain.  Please follow your school’s policy.  🙂

Keeping your kids hydrated with great nutrition will keep them focused and ready to go.  But it doesn’t have to taste bad!  Creating healthy habits starts at home.  What we can control, should be clean and delish.  There will be lots of times we can not control exactly what they are putting in their mouths.  So let’s start here.  read more…