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“Local convenience and big savings” is not just our slogan, it is the vision we strive for and the commitment we pledge to each and every one of our customers. We recognize that you, our customers, maintain busy lives and need a place where you and your family can find quality products, locally, conveniently, and with competitive savings. We aim to always deliver a wide selection of exceptional products at great value.

The success of any business is based on satisfying the needs of its customers, and being a good community citizen. In staying true to our vision, we are dedicated to offering a remarkable shopping experience that exceeds your expectations as a customer while offering the best quality products, providing exemplary customer service and ensuring the best prices.


Superfood Marketplace is a company with a long history and extensive experience in running successful grocery store operations.

Maikel Martinez and Ana Lemes (a husband and wife team), are owners of Superfood Marketplace in Elizabeth and Ridegfield, NJ and Eagle Supermarket in Roselle/Linden. Both have a rich history of working in retail businesses. It is this ambition that led the way for the vision to expand the Superfood Marketplace brand.

Prior to starting a new company, Maikel worked at Eagle in Elizabeth, a supermarket that was owned by his grandfather. It was at Eagle-Elizabeth that Maikel honed his skills of retail store operations and learned all aspects of ownership and business administration. After Eagle-Elizabeth was sold, Maikel and Ana opened Eagle Supermarket in Roselle and in 2012, they opened Superfood Marketplace on First Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey. These seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs, Ana and Maikel have created an exceptional team of supermarket owners.

Focused on providing one-on-one service, the success of Superfood Marketplace is due in part to outstanding product quality, staying abreast on the needs of its customers, excellent service and assurances of outstanding prices and big savings.

The significance of this partnership is the philosophical approach the owners believe in. Because they come from these neighborhoods, they believe in the overall revitalization of their communities to provide jobs through sustainable businesses.


Meet Maikel Martinez, President and Managing Partner

Maikel Martinez started working at an early age with the help of his grandfather. Learning the importance of hard work and consistency, together they bought their first supermarket in Elizabeth, NJ, known as Eagle Supermarket. Maikel immediately learned all aspects of business ownership and the necessary components of providing the best service to customers.

In 2012, after nine (9) years of running Eagle Supermarket, Maikel decided to begin a new venture alongside business partner/wife Ana Lemes, by opening a new business named Superfood Marketplace in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Since its inception, Superfood Marketplace has grown in sales with very few setbacks. For Maikel, the few setbacks have only been opportunities to be of better service to customers. Today, Maikel feels that not only does he know his job and how to be successful at it, but he tries to learn and be better every day.

Meet Ana Lemes, Vice President, Superfood Marketplace in Elizabeth, NJ

Ana Lemes came to this country from Cuba in 2002 with the idea of creating a successful business in the “land of opportunity”. The knowledge she brought from Cuba included business administration, accounting and computer science, all important foundations for creating a successful business. Upon arriving to the United States, she began to work at Eagle Supermarket in the City of Elizabeth, which was the first step of what would become a dream come true for Ana. Ana’s first position as cashier wasn’t enough to fulfill her goals, and after six months she began to recommend and implement add-on services to the store such as Western Union and Prepaid Phone Cards, etc. These services were in-part requests from customers and she was committed to meeting their needs. Soon after working at Eagle, she became an administrative manager and organized the accounting system with the introduction of QuickBooks. She is also the inspiration behind extending the Superfood Marketplace brand through a new website, increased social media presence and email marketing/communications.

It is this passion for providing exemplary customer service and making services accessible to customers that have allowed Ana Lemes to not only be a role-model for young Latino immigrants and women of all ethnicities, but she has become a successful business owner that can offer jobs for the local community.